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by Michelle Tocher

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24th Suitor

At last I found the beauty of the world! She had been locked into a remote room of a castle that stood beyond the farthest reaches of the world.

But she was not beautiful. She was a bleary-eyed, grey skinned, withering old woman.

“This is not my form,” she said. “Human eyes can only see me in this state of ugliness. If you wish to see me as I am, look into this mirror. It does not allow itself to be deceived, and it will show you my image as I am, in truth.”

I looked and saw that the beauty of the world was weeping, and I pledged to her that I would do anything to free her from the evil of the enchanter.

The 24th Suitor in The Crystal Ball, Grimms. Painting by Albert Ranney Chewett.