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by Michelle Tocher

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The Tiniest Mouse of All

The cat has got the king of mice, and he isn’t going to let him go until we find the magic ring.

I’m the tiniest mouse in the castle but I step forward and I say, “I know where the ring is because I live in the room of the princess. Every night, she takes the ring off her finger and puts it into her mouth for safekeeping.” Having said that, I must go on. “I’ll undertake to get it for you,” I say.

I skitter away to the room of the princess, and I wait until nightfall. When she has fallen asleep, I creep onto her bed and gnaw a hole in her pillow. The down feathers fly into her nose, and they cause her to sneeze and cough. The ring falls out of her mouth and onto the coverlet. In a flash I seize it and bring it back to the cat. I set it down before him as ransom for the king.

Now all the mice are celebrating me. Imagine. Me! The tiniest mouse of all!

The Tiniest Mouse of All in The Magic Ring, Yellow Fairy Book