Weary Old Fairy Selnozoura

Everything is messed up, absolutely everything. I never should have taken those children to the island. I'd forgotten that the waters had been poisoned by that silly, blundering fairy Dindonette. I took the boy and the girl in my vessel and we just zipped off. I wasn't thinking. It was meant to be my last voyage, you know. I'm sick and tired of darting round the world.

But this old Fairy won't find her peace yet! The children drank the island water and all of a sudden they started to age. After only a few weeks they were too old to marry.

Dindonette has managed to return the girl to her youth, but the poor fellow is an old man, getting more decrepit by the second.

I haven't the first idea what to do for him. Oh, I'm too old for this!

The Weary Old Fairy Selnozoura in A Fairy's Blunder, Grey Fairy Book. Picture by Fanny Y. Cory.

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