All the characters in a fairy tale are alive and animate. An ax, a mirror, or a tower is just as alive as an evil wizard, a donkey, a tree, or a godfather. Every character has a particular point of view, while at the same time, it plays a universal role. A mirror, for example, may be telling an evil queen what she wants to hear, while at the same time it’s playing the universal role of all mirrors. It’s a reflector.

To do this exercise, use the SEARCH box to find a symbol that you want to explore. For example, type “mirror” into the box and you’ll meet a number of mirrors.

Choose the one “mirror” that interests you most. What does the symbol have to say about the particular role it has been made to play? What does it say about its universal role?

After you do the exercise you’ll never see a “mirror” quite the same way!