News in October 2014

Written by Michelle Tocher.


Thanks for the Invitation, Storytellers of Canada!

A hearty thanks to Brenda Byers and her team at the Ontario Division of the Storytellers of Canada (Conteurs du Canada) for inviting me to speak at the organization's annual gathering on Saturday October 4. I spoke about getting inside fairy tales, and, of course, there's no substitute for the actual experience, so I put pictures from different tales all over the room so that people could gravitate to the ones that "spoke to them." After everybody had considered their pictures, I told the story about how I first stepped into a fairy tale, and how the story of Rapunzel became a lifeline during a hard time in my life. (I wrote a memoir out of the experience, called The Tower Princess which I published it as a short run self-published work, and everything I had learned about the healing power of fairy tales was put into practice at that time.)

I have only recently been introduced to the wonderful people at the Storytellers of Canada, although I am privileged to know many of our enchanting local storytellers. Every year the organization has a conference in some part of Canada, and the tellers from that region and other regions gather like bees to flowers. I attended this summer in Prince Edward Island, and came back brimming with stories, rich experiences, and a new love for the "gentle island" of PEI.

Want more information about The Storytellers of Canada? Click here.

WonderLit's Anniversary

WonderLit has been in the world for a year as of September 29, 2013. To celebrate WonderLit, I wrote a little toast to WonderLit in this month's blog.

NEW! Fairy Tale Writing for Everyone

Feel like doing some creative writing on the site? Try out the new exercises on the Story Finder. Free Fall, Contrasts, and Word Gems will prompt you to interact with the compelling characters, words and images that you find in the Story Finder.mirror

The Story Finder is a great tool for reflection and daily writing, and it's constantly growing. It now contains over 700 characters' stories from six of Andrew Lang's colored fairy books, along with selections from Grimms and Andersen. The very short stories are told from different characters' perspectives, and are meant to stimulate reflection, writing, and storytelling.

For example, what do you think might be the story of the red shoes in The Snow Queen? What sort of role do shoes play in fairy tales? What about towers? Fish? Godfathers? Mirrors? The Story Finder invites you to explore the elements of fairy tales first-hand, by hearing from the characters themselves.

Don't Forget to Renew!

On October 31, 2014 the early adopter phase will end and the subscription rate will go to $90 for new subscribers (so, needless to say, now is a good time to subscribe!)

If you're an existing subscriber to WonderLit, you can renew your subscription anytime.  We'll tack on another year from the day that your subscription expires.

Early adopters who renew will get the early adopter rate, and all subscribers who renew will get a 20% discount on the subscription fee. Pretty nice deal, n'est-ce pas?


Other Storytelling Events

If you're hesitating about actually telling your story to an audience, consider signing up for Storytelling Toronto's weekend, Storytelling I: First Steps Into the Art. With the supportive facilitation of master storyteller, Lynda Howes, you'll also develop listening skills, gain confidence, and learn how to give and receive feedback. (You might notice that the dates are tucked neatly between WonderLit sessions. We did so on purpose to give you added inspiration for sharing your material in the WonderLit course!)

The workshop takes place at the Lillian Smith Branch of the Toronto Public Library, November 22 – 24, 2013 (Friday, 7 – 10pm; Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 4:30pm)

To register, visit Storytelling Toronto.

Want More Information?

If you'd like more information on WonderLit or the courses that are being offered, don't hesitate to contact me.