News in December 2014

Written by Michelle Tocher.


Round Table Reading

I had the pleasure of being invited to do a reading of the Finnish epic, The Kalevala, at the Joseph Campbell Round Table in Toronto, on Wednesday December 3. Between readings we listened to the music of Jean Sibelius and reflected on what the national myth of Finland means to us in this day and age.

Roger Knox, who presented the topic, gave me several long readings to deliver, and after I got over my panic over the Finnish names, I found myself absolutely smitten by the power of the poetry. I'll be reading from the section of the myth that tells the story of how the Finnish hero Lemminkäinen drowns in the underworld. His mother sets off to find "the lively Lemminkäinen," and, using a mighty copper rake, she combs the river until she dredges up her son's hat and shirt. Ultimately, she recovers his body, but it's in pieces, so she calls upon the gods to help her re-member her son.

This invocation to heal the broken is unlike any I have ever encountered in any poetry anywhere, and, as I was practicing the verses, I found myself breaking into song as the youth's mother seeks higher and higher help. With the aid of the gods, she stitches the veins together and mends the bones but she can't bring Lemminkäinen back to life until she sends the bee to the heavens for a holy salve.

If you're interested in attending any future Round Tables, please contact me and I'll put you in touch with the convener, Genevieve Chornenki.


Not Sure You Want to Dive In? Then Take a Dip!

As of November 1, 2014, we've been offering WonderLit to you in a way that I hope will be more accessible if you just want to dip into mythic waters. We're offering the WARM UP package for six months, which means that you can do a shorter exploration of a story. By the end of the four chapters, you'll be able to retell your story, you'll understand why it speaks to you, and you'll see the underlying myth the story is challenging. 

If you want to do all the levels of the WonderLit course, you can take the JOURNEY package, which will give you all three parts of the course for a year. WonderLit takes you through three levels, each one deeper than the last, and I can say from personal experience that life becomes much more interesting when you're walking with a story that's playing in the background. It's definitely an antidote to boredom or lack of inspiration!

So, if you're circling around WonderLit, consider doing the WARM UP. You'll also get access to the Forum where you can share your writings and thoughts with other WonderLit subscribers.

Want More Information?

If you'd like more information on WonderLit or the courses that are being offered, don't hesitate to contact me.