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Written by Michelle Tocher.


November in Review: The Creativity Café

On Wednesday, November 27, 2013, I had a wonderful interview with Katie Curtin on her teleconference program, The Creativity Café. I’ve known Katie for years, and she's a bright, bold, vibrant, and compassionate life coach. I've also known her in the roles she has played in fairy tales: The Thirteenth Wise Woman, Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother, to name a few. As Fairy Godmother she is a coach to many people who are finding their way through life, and she has won her own wings through extremely stormy times.

On the call, Katie brought people together from Salt Spring Island, Calgary, Toronto, Mexico, the U.S. and Croatia. Many people have done this work with me over the years, and they have soulful stories to tell about how their lives have been altered and enriched through their interactions with fairy tales. I hope we'll get a chance to hear more one day!

After the call, we received some lovely feedback, including this note from Toronto storyteller (and subscriber) Maryaleen Trafford:

"Katie, your interview style was, as always, warm and friendly, extending your support to both guest and listeners. There was a lovely feeling of inclusiveness. I also loved that you shared your own personal experience of Michelle's work. Thanks for taking me back to those wonderful workshops that I also experienced (several with you) that were so transformative for me. It was a splendid Café! What a great choice of subject!

"Michelle, you have given me the keys to find myself in my many aspects over and over again in those stories -- such a rich source, such a delight to delve into -- although I was, as you may recall, terrified as I began the journey, shifting out of my status quo, stepping across the threshold into the adventure of the next part of my life."

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Upcoming Events


Join us for a storytelling weekend at the Textile Museum!

On April 12-13, 2014, I'll be holding a weekend workshop that will give you a chance to dive into a single fairy tale. We'll pull threads from the story and see what they mean to us, and how we associate them with vital threads of life.

I'll be offering this workshop in collaboration with Storytelling Toronto, so you can register by going to their website. We had a wonderful experience doing the workshop last year, and the Textile Museum was a perfect venue. Register soon, because space is limited!

Other Courses

If you're interested in telling your story to an audience or further explorations of storytelling, check out the veritable feast of courses and events that are being offered by Storytelling Toronto. (

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Watch for more WonderLit news in mid December and January. We have a few plans for further support of subscribers in the community and online!