Winter 2017-18

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Just Released: "Sir Viss" A Timely Fable

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My latest film, "Sir Viss" is about the relationship between a sophisticated robot and his rather depraved master, "Popeye" Irving.

The 16-minute film, directed by David Adkin, features me performing the story with powerful illustrations by Richard Row.

We are entering "Sir Viss" in several prestigious film festivals and are pleased to announce that it has just been selected by the L.A. Film Awards.

You can see "Sir Viss" by subscribing to the Immanence Journal. The fall issue's theme is "rulers and rebels," and the journal is filled with thought-provoking articles that explore the relevance of myth, legend, and folktales to our lives today.

WonderLit Coaching Opportunities

Some people who are working on WonderLit really appreciate having a coach. If you want a little extra motivation, and the opportunity to share your work and talk about where you are on your journey, consider arranging a coaching session with me. My hourly rate is reduced for my wonderFULL subscribers! For more information, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Enjoy Some Remarkable "Encounters!"

I've had the pleasure of being a guest onencounters the first program of "Encounters," a seven-part series of intimate conversations with remarkable women on the topic of belonging.

The producer and host of "Encounters on Belongin" is Toko-pa Turner, a writer and dreamworker who has spent many years guiding people into their dreams.

In our conversation, Toko-pa and I discussed the Grimm's story, "The Briar Rose," and we delved into many of the issues the story raises about exclusion, loss, and the reawakening of the feminine. If you are interested in listening to this or any of the other Encounters interviews, visit Toko-pa's website.

Encounters is a precursor to the publication of Toko-pa's book Belonging, launching in September, which is sure to be a treasure.

The series continues to be available until September 28, and you can hear all the conversations, free of charge, by registering here.

Breaking Spells: A Powerful Interview Series


The beautiful spring issue of the Immanence Journal is out -- and so is our interview series on spells!

In the three programs Hannah Custis and I discuss three questions. What can fairy tales can tell us about how we come under spells in life? How do we become aware that we're under one? And how are spells broken?

To view the first program, click here.

To see programs 2 and 3, please subscribe to Immanence. For a nominal fee you can have access to interviews, poetry, art, and jargon-free articles that demonstrate the power of myth in life.

My Blog: Bringing Fairy Tales to Lifefairytale1

I've had a blog for some time now and I just love posting articles, original stories (sometimes even unpublished ones!) monologues, cartoons, and audio performances.

If you'd like to subscribe, I'd be chuffed to have you aboard. And feel free to participate! Comments always enrich and enliven the conversation.

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Check Out Storytelling Toronto

Storytelling Toronto is a lively community of storytellers who have a depth of knowledge and experience in storytelling. In addition to holding an annual spring Festival, Storytelling Toronto offers regular storytelling events and a banquet of courses for anyone interested in telling stories. For more information, click here.

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