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Stone Witch
Straw King
Stupid Hans Who Finds the Griffin
Subbar Khan
Subjugated Queen
Sultan of the Indies
Sultan's Daughter at Her Wedding Feast
Sun Ball
Surviving Sister
Swallow Freezing to Death
Swallow Messenger
Swan Fairy
Swan Sister
Swineherd Prince
Tailor Caught on the Horns
Tailor Who Solves a Riddle
Tall-Tale Telling Tailor
Tall, Tall Ferryman
Thankful Wazir
The Physician from Far Away
The Poor Miller
The Preserving Water
The Prince Who Releases the Fish
The Prince's Fairy Godmother
The Queen Who Loves the Fairies
The Queen's Seed
The Surrendering King
The Swan Sister
The Tiniest Mouse of All
The Wooden Wife
Three Drops of Blood on a Handkerchief
Three-Headed Giant
Tiny Bell
Tiny in the Big World
Tired Old Griffin
Tom Thumb
Tom Thumb's Mother
Tom's Eldest Brother
Tom's Seven League Boots
Toy Soldier
Trapper Lad
Tree of Life
Troll Boss
Troll Hag
Troll's Daughter
True Princess
Turkish Princess
Twin Sister
Ugly Duckling
Ugly Old Woman
Underworld Maiden
Underworld Speaking
Unfaithful Ferdinand
Ungrounded Prince
Uninvited Crab Fairy
Unlooked-for Prince
Unrecognized Cinder Girl
Upper World King
Vasilisa the Girl
Vasilisa's Envious Eldest Stepsister
Very, Very Old Woman Among Robbers
Vizier's Son
Washing Woman
Wasp of Gopani-Kufa
Water Lily
Weary Old Fairy Selnozoura
Well of the Witch-Maiden
Well-Bred Prince
Well-Dressed Emperor
Well-Spoken Ogre
White Dove on the Holy Man's Shoulder
White Dove Prince
White Sword of Light
White Wolf
Wicked Fairy Ragotte
Widow Among Widows
Widow with Idle Sons
Wife Cleaning House
Wife of Theodorus
Wild Man
Wild Ogress
Wind Wizard of Finland
Wish-Fulfilling Flounder
Wish-Granting Prince
Witch in a Golden Cloak
Witch of Albatroz
Witch Who Beheads Her Own Daughter
Witch Who Makes a Mask
Witch with Powerful Hair
Witch-Maiden Sister
Witch's Son Bensiabel
Wizard King
Woman Who Loses Everything