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Queen Who Plays the Lute
Queen Who Wants to Keep Her Child
Queen's Mirror
Quietly Flowing Stream
Raging Dame Gothel
Ram Singh
Rat in the Tunnel
Rat's Wife
Raven Princess
Red Mountain
Red Shoes
Red the Robber
Red Tulip
Red-Cap's Grandmother
Red, the Jealous Counselor
Reluctant King
Retired Sweeping Girl
Returning Husband
Ring of the Lady in Red
Ring Seeker
Robber Girl
Roebuck Brother Who Must Be Hunted
Roland Fiddling
Rubezahl, King of Gnomes
Rubezahl's Princess
Rustling Letter
Sack of the Thief
Sack of Wisdom
Saint Peter
Scheming King
Scholar About to Get Sacked
Scioravante the Gold-Headed Magician
Scoffing Brother
Scolded King
Sea Tower Princess
Sea Turtle
Seal Woman
Seeker of the Silent Princess
Servant Girl
Servant Henry
Servant Who Uncovers the King's Secret
Seventh Dwarf
Seventh Fairy
Shabby Inn
Shading Tree
Shadows in the Land of Souls
Shape-Changing Princess
Sharp-Sighted Raven
Sharp-Sighted Sorceress
Shasasa Who Gives the Power Away
Shepherd Who Survived the Flood
Shepherd with a Flower
Shy Carpenter
Sick-At-Heart Girl
Silent Princess
Simple Son of a Man with Strange Eyes
Simpleton at the Threshold
Simpleton with a Big Dream
Sister of Rose-Red
Sister Who Leads Her Brother Away from Danger
Sister Who Lives in a Tree
Skillful Huntsman
Skull in the Window
Slave Morgiana
Sleeping Beauty's Husband
Sleeping Dragon
Sleeping Pin
Slow Prince
Sly Fox
Snow Man
Snow White
Snow-White Rose Tree
Soldier Who Grows a Huge Turnip
Son of the Brass Princess
Sorrowful, Dying King
Spinning Daughter
Spinning Maiden with a Golden Thread
Spinning Nun
Spirit in the Bottle
Spirit of a Dead Man
Spiteful Aunt
Stan Who Gets His Wish
Star Dress
Star Princess
Star-Struck Queen
Starvation Tower
Starving Cobbler
Stepmother With Her Face in the Wind
Stepsister Who Speaks Badly