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Old Toad Under the Castle
Old Veil-Maker
Old Witch in the Tower
Old Woman in the Robbers' Hut
Old Woman of the Lake
Old Woman Who Keeps the Ring
Old Woman Who Was Saved by a Gazelle
Old Woodcutter
Orphan Herd-Boy
Over-Protective King
Overtaken Queen
Owl at the Abyss
Owl Wife
Panther Who Covets Shoes
Paper Dancer
Parrot of the Beast
Pea Under Mattresses
Peasant Named Crabb
Peasant Who Was Tricked by the Tanuki
Penniless Woodcutter Father
Peter Bull
Peter the Hermit
Petru Who Meets a Dragon
Pinkel the Thief
Pleasure Palace
Poor Brother
Poor Brother Who Finds Treasure
Poor Fisherman Who Becomes Mayor
Poor Knight Rosald
Pot of Pinks
Powerful Troll
Pretty Goldilocks
Prince Ahmed
Prince Enslaved by a Witch
Prince Grip
Prince in Search of Flowers
Prince in the Tower
Prince Loved by the Undine Queen
Prince Not So Darling
Prince of Gnomes
Prince Rainbow
Prince Who Desires the Desired Princess
Prince Who Loves a Pea-Hen
Prince Who Meets a Girl Wearing a Wreath
Prince Who Sees Blood
Prince Who Stays At Home
Prince with a Mirror
Prince with Animal Following
Prince with the Speaking Horse
Prince with Two Brides
Princess Cannetella
Princess Coming Out of Isolation
Princess Freed from Dragons
Princess Hadvor Killing the Giant
Princess in the Great Forest Castle
Princess in the Marble Tower
Princess Miranda
Princess of the Golden Roof
Princess on the Glass Hill
Princess Rosalie
Princess Sacrificed to a Dragon
Princess Under the Control of a Dragon
Princess Undone
Princess Who Challenges the Red Knight
Princess Who Changes a Letter
Princess Who Chooses Her Husband
Princess Who Cooks
Princess Who Dresses as a Man
Princess Who Follows a Blood Trail
Princess Who Gives Away the Magic Stone
Princess Who Is Fairer-Than-A-Fairy
Princess Who Marries a Head
Princess Who Rides a Lion
Princess Who Serves a Soldier
Princess Who Wears a Magic Ring
Pristine Egg
Protected Prince
Protective Dying Queen
Protective Godmother
Prudent King
Prunella's Mother
Pursuing Prince
Queen Who Goes to Fairyland
Queen Bee
Queen Mother of a Golden Boy
Queen Mother of the Raven
Queen of an Ungrounded Child
Queen of Snakes
Queen of the Elements
Queen of the Fishes
Queen of the Woods
Queen Who Beheads the King
Queen Who Eats a Plant to Conceive
Queen Who Gives Birth to a Donkey
Queen Who Helps Her Son Escape
Queen Who is Taken to the Underworld
Queen Who Keeps the Wild Man
Queen Who Loses Her Child