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Little Match Girl
Lively-Stepping Soldier
Lizard Fairy Godmother
Lonely Husband
Long the Tall Man
Long-Bearded Man
Lost Hunting King
Lover of the Lost Princess
Loving Dog
Lying Weaver
Magic Book
Magic Book of an Old Man
Magic Carpet
Magic Horse
Magic Perspective Glass
Magician of the Lamp
Maid Maleen
Maid of Maid Maleen
Maiden About to Be Eaten
Maiden Betrothed to a Lindworm
Maiden Betrothed to Bearskin
Maiden Hiding in a Pot
Maiden in the Dark
Maiden Who Loves Animals
Maiden Who Meets a Dark Stranger
Maiden with the Water of Life
Makoma the Hero
Man Made of Gold
Man of Her Dreams
Mark the Rich
Martin in the Gloomy Wood
Martin's Wooing Mother
Masella the Disgusted Mother
Master of the Birds
Merchant Father
Merchant's Spendthrift Son
Mermaid's Prince
Metal-Haired Princess
Mild-Mannered Queen
Militza in the Apple Tree
Milkmaid Queen
Miller's Daughter Betrothed to a Robber
Mirror of the Beast
Mirror of Understanding
Mohammed with the Magic Finger
Monk Godfather
Monkey Brother
Moon Over the Spring
Mother Dragon
Mother Duck
Mother Holle
Mother Mansrot
Mother of a Great Son
Mother of a Thief
Mother of an Exiled Princess
Mother of Sheaths
Mother of Snow-White and Rose-Red
Mother of the Hazelnut Child
Mother of the Sunchild
Mother Who Escapes With Her Son
Mother Who Makes a Changeling Laugh
Mother-in-Law Who Steals Babies
Mountain Giant
Much-Loved Prince
Murderer Who Revives His Dead Brother
Naked Elves
Naming Father
Nasty Giant
Niece of the Bereft Husband
Nightingale Rejected
Nixy in the Mill Pond
Noble Ass
North Wind
Not-So-Stupid Hans
Nurse of the Confined Princess
Nurse with A Brass Pot
Old Eric
Old Fairy Lagree
Old Forest Guardian
Old Forest Witch
Old Friend of Sparrow
Old Goat Woman
Old Grasscutter
Old Greybeard
Old Jam Seller
Old Man of the Mountain
Old Man on his Deathbed
Old Man on the Road
Old Man Set Free from a Pit
Old Man Who is Swept Away
Old Man without a Heart
Old Mother Goat
Old Speaking Horse
Old Toad