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Heart of a Rich Farmer
Heartless Man's Wife
Helga Who Names Her Husband
Helpful Fox
Helpless White Horse
Hermose, Daughter of the Swan Fairy
Hidden Hut of the Spinners
Hide-and-Seek King
High and Mighty Princess
High and Mighty Tower
Hoary Old Man by the Roadside
Holy Man in the Desert
Honest King
Honest Little Jack
Honey Pot
Hopeful Ferryman
Horse Who Flies Over the Sea
Hospitable Blacksmith
Hungry Dwarf
Hungry Giant
Hungry Wolf
Hunting Friend of Prince Ring
Husband of a Woman Who Doesn't Want to Spin
Ian the Privileged Prince
Ian, the Soldier's Son
Imprisoned Maiden
Incestuous King
Inuit Brother
Invisible Prince
Iron Castle
Iron John with a Golden Ball
Iron King
Isuro the Rabbit
Iwanich in the Apple Tree
Jack the Giant-Killer
Jealous King
Jose, the Returning Son
Jousting Queen
Juniper Tree
Kind Ogre
Kind Sister
Kindly Old Robber Woman
King Frost
King Lost in the Woods
King of Bello Puojo
King of Sheep
King of the Golden Mountain
King Presented with a Riddle
King Solomon's Ring
King Thrushbeard
King Who Doesn't Like the Prophecy
King Who Loses His Wife
King Who Orders the Spindles Burnt
King Who Regrets
King Who Rides to the Forbidden Mountain
King Who Tries to Change His Daughter's Fate
King Who Wants a Lantern
King Who Wants to Glimpse Paradise
King With a Slipper
King with a Wild Daughter
King with Apple Trees
King's Daughter Who Appears as a Hag
King's Equerry
King's Evil Advisor
King's Son Raised by Peasants
Kisa the Cat
Knight of Grianaig
Knight Who Uses a Mirror to Meet a Dragon
Kooshy Ram
Labyrinth of Despair
Lady Cockchafer
Lady of the Black Bull
Landlord Who Steals from the Devil
Laughing Princess
Letter that Got Changed
Liberated Queen
Lilliputian Child
Lion Minister
Lion Mother
Lion Prince
Lion Suitor
Lion Under a Tree
Lion's Lover
Listening Moon
Little Boy Named Sorrowful
Little Green Frog
Little Grey Man
Little Hazel Tree
Little King Loc Meets a Human Girl
Little Kitchenmaid