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Faithful John
Falada, the Speaking Horse
False Bride Maleen
Far-Seeing Fairy Godmother
Father Who is No Longer Negligent
Father Who Stands Up for His Child
Fatima the Holy Woman
Fault-Finding Shoemaker
Fearless Youth
Feather King
Fed-Up Mother
Ferko's Wolf
Fir Tree
Fire Witch
Fish Man
Fisherman Who Catches a Flounder
Fisherman's Blessed Wife
Fisherman's Son Who Finds Three Black Princesses
Fisherman's Wife
Flower Queen's Daughter
Flower-Wreathed Princess
Fluffy Ball
Flute that Plays a Secret
Flying Horse
Foolish Antonio
Footless Princess
Forest Hut Where Food Is Free
Forest Witch
Fountain of Health and Beauty
Fountain of Lions
Frisk the Dog
Frog Friend in the Underworld
Frog from Osaka
Frog in the Well
Frog Who Wears a Rose Leaf Crown
Fruit of the Fairy Trees
Galifron the Giant
Gallery of Mirrors
Gardener's Son
Gazelle with a Diamond
Geirlaug Forgotten
Generous Tailor
Genie of the Lamp
Gerda's Red Shoes
Giant Friends
Giant Who Loses His Inheritance
Gift Horse
Gille Mairteau the Fox
Gingerbread House
Girl Who Fell into a Well
Girl Who Wears a Wreath
Glass Axe
Glass Hill
Glass Princess
Glass Slipper
Gnomes' Flute
Goat King
Goblin Pursuers
Goblin's Mirror
Godson of Death
Golden Ball
Golden Ball Returned
Golden Trumpet
Gon the Cat
Good Giant
Good King
Good Magician
Goose Girl
Goose Girl Changing Clothes
Gopani-Kufa the King
Governess of the Monkey Prince
Grandmother Wolf
Great Gloomy Wood
Green Cloak
Grethari the Orphaned Prince
Grey Man in the Enchanted Castle
Grey Woman
Grieving Shepherdess
Griffin's Wife
Guest at the Fiery Feast
Guilty Father
Guilty Tailor's Wife
Hall of Prisoners
Handless Maiden
Handless Maiden's Mother
Hans and the Locked Door
Hans the Mermaid's Son
Hansel Lost in the Forest
Happy Princess
Hard, Judgmental Person
Hare with the Power of Wishes
Hazelnut Child
Healing House in the Wild Wood
Healing Serpent