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Childless Queen Who is Given an Egg
Christopher the Smith
Ciccu with his Figs
Cinderella's Eldest Step-sister
City Swallow
Clay Doll
Cold-Blooded Stepmother
Concerned Mother
Confessional Iron Stove
Constellation of Stars
Cormoran the Giant
Corva the Witch
Count in Hiding
Court Physician
Covan Who Receives His Mother's Blessing
Crab Fisherman's Wife
Crab Prince
Crab Princess
Craving Mother
Crow Princess
Crow Who Saves a Prince
Cunning Cat
Curious Wife of the Fisherman
Cypress Brother
Dame Carp
Dame Fortune
Daughter in Iron Rings
Daughter Who Follows a Spirit
Deceiving Princess
Demanding Beast
Demon Wind
Dena the Oil-Seller
Desert Tower Princess
Deserted Mastermaid
Devil at Hell's Door
Devil Rebuffed
Devil Who Claims a Soul
Devil with the Red Feather
Devil's Grandmother
Dick Whittington
Dick Whittington's Cat
Discharged and Penniless Soldier
Discharged Soldier Who Faces Peacetime
Discharged Soldier Who is Carefree
Disgusted Princess
Dismissive Eldest Brother
Distressed Maid
Distrustful Mother
Doctor Upon Whom Everyone Depends
Doctor's Servant
Don Giovanni
Donkey Princess
Dorani Who Goes Home at Night
Dorani's Invisible Husband
Double-Crossed Queen
Dove of Heaven
Dove of Peace
Dragon of the Gloomy Cavern
Dragon of the North
Dragon Who Raids the Sheepfold
Dragon's Book
Drawn Curtain
Drummer Lad
Dummling with a Goose
Dying Emperor
Dying Indian Father
Edible Rose Stalk
Eldest of the Old Sisters
Eldest Swan Brother
Electing Eagle
Elf Maiden
Elf Maiden's Husband
Emperor's Good Old Minister
Emperor's Mirror
Enchanted Sea Tower
Enchantress Who Bewitches Her Sons
Enticing Evil Witch
Envious "Dirty Girl"
Esben the Fool
Escape Artist
Evil Enchanter Disempowered
Evil Magician Ismenor
Failed Prince on a White Horse
Fairies' Child
Fairy Godmother of Dotterine
Fairy of the Forest
Fairy Paribanou
Fairy Truth