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The Story Tour – Contents

Finding Your Story

You’ll begin by getting an introduction to the fairy tale, and guidance through writing exercises, to settle on the story you want to explore.

The Heart of the Story

Once you have your story in hand, you’ll be invited to enter that other world with your imagination and find out how you are connected to a central scene in your story.

Mapping Your Story

Now you’ll step out of your story and get a wide angle view of it by mapping the terrain. Where does it begin, and where does it take your protagonist?

Cast of Characters

We’ll return to the ground and start meeting some of the characters who inhabit the animate world of your fairy tale—human and non-human.

Gateway to Adventure

In this short chapter you’ll be able to decide if you want to undertake the adventure ahead. We’ll reflect on the healing power of fairy tales, and you can decide if you are ready and willing to move more deeply into your story.